Free EA Access Code 2024 | EA Access Code Xbox One Trial


Free EA Access Code 2024 | EA Access Code Xbox One TrialFree EA Access Code 2024 | EA Access Code Xbox One Trial ,┬áMany game stores are available, such as PlayStation Plus, Xbox Gold – Game Pass, Uplay. Now almost every producer firm is quite excited about opening their own specialty stores. Some of them have gained access to the process of popularization, but some have found themselves in the dusty pages of history, or have failed to profit.

Free EA Access Code 2024 | EA Access Code Xbox One Trial

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What is EA Access? How is it used?

The Epic Store, which has become particularly popular recently, has split the game world into two and has caused controversy. Developers pulling their games on Steam and moving them to Epic store is the most affecting situation for gamers.

While we were able to find any game we wanted on a single platform, now we have to pay membership fees to many different stores and have to take part in different areas unnecessarily. Why? The answer is quite simple, actually; ” competition.” In this regard, the importance of consumers in a way is put second priority.

What about the good ones? Of course there is. Continuous campaigns and discounts are good strategies for attracting players to the platform. The biggest examples are PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold – Game Pass. Although the hikes upset us, some of the free games given in the months to close this gap in a very nice way.

There are also different platforms that have taken place in our lives for a long time. The most important of these is Free EA Access Code! As you know, EA Games is a gaming company that hosts many productions from sports to racing, from racing to war. It was inevitable that he would build his own ecosystem. Although the platform has less power than Steam, PS Plus and Xbox Gold – Games Pass, it has a considerable audience.

What is EA Access?

So what is this Free EA Access Code? Free EA Access Code is a service offered exclusively by Electronic Arts for Xbox One. Most players compare this service to PS Plus, but opposite Plus is Xbox Live Gold. In other words, while Sony debuted the next generation with PS Plus, Microsoft responded with Xbox Live Gold and Electronic Arts Access. In fact, EA wanted to bring this service to the Playstation platform, but Sony unbelievably rejected this offer.

However, as we reported in a news report in the morning, I would like to inform you that this service will be coming to the Sony wing very soon. Free EA Access Code is a kind of game rental service. However, only Electronic Arts Publishing productions are available on this service. Membership fees are 5 dollars per month and 30 dollars per year.

I would not want to pass without mentioning that it has a better pricing than other services. So why should players choose EA Access? In addition to other stores such as Steam, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Gold – Game Pass, Uplay, why should players have an Free EA Access Code membership? Players who join the Free EA Access Code service gain early access to EA’s productions that have not yet checked out.

In other words, you can download an EA game that hasn’t checked out yet to your console or computer 5 days in advance and start playing. Unfortunately this feature is not available on other platforms. You can try an EA game for free without buying it, and if you like it, you can buy it and pick up where you left off. The biggest reason for providing this assurance is that he is already taking on the games he offers.

What are the benefits of EA Access?

In addition, you can also play EA’s games that have been out of the game for a long time, without any restrictions, as long as your subscription continues. In addition, players who subscribe to this service receive an extra 10 percent discount on EA games for their digital purchases through the Xbox Store.

We don’t know if similar services will be available when the Platform arrives on PlayStation other than Xbox, but with the recognition of the same rights, EA Access will become even more popular. What about Free EA Access Code? Do you like this service as well as other platforms? How many gaming platforms do you have?

Brcap Games shrinks as EA pays $ 1.3 billion

We’re going through an interesting period for the gaming industry. On the one hand, games are taken more seriously than ever with the economics they create. On the other hand, the nature of the next generation of games is changing fast enough to make it difficult for even the giant companies in this field to keep up. As you may recall, Electronic Arts bought popcorn games, the creator of games like Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, for $ 1.3 billion last year. During this time, it was time to downsize for Pictap, which had taken on the mission of closing EA’s shortfall in social and casual games.

The decision to lay off 50 people was not made under pressure from EA, according to a blog post signed by John Vechey, one of the founders of popcorn. However, this development is of great importance for the changes in the gaming sector. Vechey, who says they made the decision 100 per cent on their own initiative, also says the layoffs could affect more people if it wasn’t for EA. With the dismissal of 50 people, the number of employees that were before the EA acquisition is back to approximately.

Looking at the big picture, this news is a development that can be overlooked, but as those who follow the gaming industry closely know, the sector is now on the eve of a significant change. Not long before that, the profit margins of the games, which had been extremely profitable, began to gradually decline.

Competition has increased, the sector has started to repeat itself

There are basically two reasons for this. The first is increased competition. The rising star of the gaming industry has driven many entrepreneurs and investors into a race in the hope of getting a share of this huge pie, resulting in further competition. Publicity costs are rising, conversion rates are declining.

The second reason is that the next-generation gaming model, which attracts all these startups and investors, is aging faster than expected. For example, the first game that comes to mind when the social game is called Farmville was very popular when it was released. The fast-growing likenesses of these games, which have managed to attract audiences that are not normally defined as players, are no longer as welcome by the players as they used to be.

Repeating successful models may be a tactic that works in other sectors, but at the point where the game industry is coming, players now want to differ, rather than repeat themselves.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


Keeping expectations high, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will launch on October 25th, bringing you a powerful experience from top to bottom. The brand new game, developed by Activision and Infinity Ward, will immerse gamers in today’s world by offering them how a snap of decisions can change global balances.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


The Shadowkeep DLC, which will take Destiny players back to the moon, will be released in autumn this year. The moon was one of Destiny 1’s most important venues. And you don’t have to have Destiny 2 to play this game.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


The Surge 2, a science fiction game similar to Dark Souls, will be far more brutal and far more tactical than the previous one, according to descriptions from developer Deck 13. The new game promises more weapons, capabilities and tactical innovations.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


Another game announced by Electronic Arts at the EA Play 2019 event was The Sims 4 Island Living. 7 that came into the game except for 7 game packs and 14 content packs. the expansion pack, Island Living, includes a tropical island in the game.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


FIFA 20 was revealed. The new game, introduced in EA Play, brings many innovations. From in-game gameplay to game plan, tactics and movement during the game, all the improvements offer a big difference compared to the previous game. FIFA emphasizes that it has a large audience, while attacking tactics that will increase your chances of scoring a goal is given more space in the game, he says.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


In Shenmue III, the character enters the game to find his father’s killer. Our character in the play is Ryo Hazuki, a Japanese teenager. Our character who is in search of friendship and adventures after the Revenge of his goals puts among them.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


Especially with Watch Dogs 2, the series, Legion seems to be moving to a whole new dimension. This time the DedSec team is not just a single controllable operator. Now we can play the game with more than one character. If an operator dies in the line of duty, he will be completely out of the game.

Here are the new PlayStation 4 games to look forward to


Doom’s new game, Doom Eternal, which has been adept at bringing together elements of horror and action since 1993, is on its way… There is not much information about the new game. Talking about the single-player story mode, producer Bethesda notes that you have to deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of monsters, as in older games, and points out that resource management will be more important than anything else.


The team that developed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey dealt with Gods & Monsters, as well as Odyssey, as a short-lived game on the subject of Greek mythology stands out. Ubisoft, which posted a video along with the announcement, did not provide any information on the game mechanics.


It has been several years since Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake version, but there was no news of the game’s release. If you’re looking forward to this game, we have some good news for you. At the E3 2019 event, the game’s producer company Square Enix confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would come out in March 2020.

PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020, under its new name, will be on September 10th. With PS4, Xbox One and PC versions expected to be available together, Konami’s new game features many innovations. At the beginning of these, the dialogue system seen in the main League mode is remarkable. Before and after the match, you’ll see the characters ‘ dialogues in the transfer talks, which will increase the realism of the game a bit more.

A comprehensive review: Anthem Free EA Access Code

Electronic Arts ‘ New Game Anhtem, which winks at Destiny, was presented to gamers; the game received attention beyond expectations. We are exploring dangerous places with a team of up to 4 people in Anthem. The better part is that the players have their own stories in the game.

Ea’s promising open-world and multiplayer action role-playing game, Anthem, first appeared at the E3 2017 event and caused great excitement among gamers. BioWare’s new game Anthem, which it has been developing since 2013, counts among the eagerly anticipated games of 2019. Action RPG Shooter genre of the game, previously released videos managed to attract everyone’s attention.

Only PvE playable and co-op supported Anthem features three main Javelin classes. These powerful armors, called Javelin, make their users very powerful heroes. Players will be able to customize their own Javelin armor completely. Storm, Interceptor and Colossus. The Interceptor excels in ninja style with its agility and reflexes. Storm is preparing the necessary infrastructure for the construction of combos. Colossus is kind of a tank class. What each class can do in combat is different.

A comprehensive review: Anthem

Players will be able to increase their influence in combat through weapons and items. Plus, the Personalization window looks pretty detailed. Items can provide features such as shortening the duration of re-use of capabilities (Cooldown).

The world of Anthem is created by gods called” Shapers ” in nine days, after which the gods walk away but leave their instruments behind. This is where things start to escalate because there is a never-ending conflict between the left-behind instruments and the Anthem, and because of this, the world is changing regularly. Of course, this inconsistency on Earth also triggers natural life and reveals a diverse pack of primitive creatures. Humanity lives isolated in a fortress known as Fort Tarsis. A group of friends who call themselves Freelancers protect the walls of this castle at the cost of their lives. Until someone came and knocked them out of their homes…


In Anthem, we experience him as a Freelancer dedicated to protecting Fort Tarsis. Freelancers don’t just sit in the shop and show up and shoot when someone attacks Tarsis. These friends go out in abundance, eliminating potential threats, and shopping for groceries to meet the needs of the people of Tarsis.

As you can see by its name, Colossus is a friend who is capable of extremely powerful attacks from close and far distances and manages to stand firm.

Enemy units have such features that they can lock the entire game. Especially features such as the disabling of flying deeply affect the game’s main mechanics, making it close to impossible to pass such enemies at difficult levels, as well as eliminating the sense of speed. Another point that draws our attention is the lack of Text chat. It’s not a big negative, maybe, but it’s something to think about.


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