Pubg Free Uc Code 2020 | Pubg Uc Redeem Code

Pubg Free Uc Code 2020 | Pubg Uc Redeem CodePubg Free Uc Code 2020 | Pubg Uc Redeem Code , Battle Royal the goal in this game is to be the last one to survive. Firstly, keep this in mind. You have to survive to take out other players and win first place. For the game you must first select the map in the lobby. You determine which map you want to play, choose what type you want to play as a team or solo. After all these adjustments have been made, start the search for a game match. After an empty lobby is found, you will be taken to the waiting area. Wait until the number of players here is 100. Then these 100 people are advanced on a map, inside a plane.

Pubg Free Uc Code 2020 | Pubg Uc Redeem Code

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Other Information About Pubg

What is the graded/competitive mode of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

There will be no escape from competitive and graded mode

According to statements from the developer team of the PUBG game, players who receive graded matching penalties for actions such as repeatedly dodging matches after the island is loaded will have to wait a while before playing graded games again. Players, though, can cancel the graded match at any time without any penalty. Players who find a match and enter the pre-game lobby then face their graded penalty if they choose to leave the match. So I suggest you pay attention.

In the meantime, rules will be included in such an important grade game mode. For example, battle Royale games in graded mode will be played randomly on Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok maps. The graded mode will also work under its own game settings; overall booty rates will be increased, crossbow will be removed, red field will be removed, motor glider will be removed, blue field speed and impact will also be reduced. These settings can change over the seasons. The rules for the eighth season will be different.


Each level of the graded game mode will have 5 different clusters. These clusters will be combined with a total of 6 levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. A player’s current rating is determined by degree scores in a given ranking. At the start of the graded season, players will be considered non-graded in all rankings, and the first 5 matches they play in each rank of graded are counted as ranking matches. Finally, at the end of the fifth ranking match, players will be given their first rating for the season.

After a player dies during matches, there will be changes to the rating score system based on their performance. The criteria that determine performance will be killing, assists and personal ranking. When a player exits the graded match, the player will be presented with a new pop-up window showing the performance criteria and the change in their score. Players with a diamond rating or above will begin to face a loss of points if they do not play any grade games for a week or more in a row.

New prizes at PUBG game will also be waiting for players

At the end of the season players will receive graded awards based on that season’s highest rating level. Graded Awards are unique and can only be achieved by playing in graded mode during the season in which the award is awarded. These prizes, as you might expect, have not been shown yet, but we can already predict that players will have unique cosmetic elements within the game. In addition, all players will receive a nameplate and emblem indicating their level. In this way, you will be able to show your success.

A number of graded award cosmetics will be awarded to players who finish the season in gold or above in PUBG play. The leaderboard will be back. Leaderboard will now list the top 500 players per region, sorted by points. The leaderboard is determined by the region it plays most in graded mode. When the player enters the leaderboard, his territory is secured for the rest of the season, and players who finish the season in the top 500 leaderboard for any rank are given a small additional reward in return for their success.

What will change with the PUBG 7.3 update?

PUBG has numerous updates that it wants to share with gamers. In addition to the changes coming to PUBG with the 7.3 update, details about the next phase of PUBG esports were announced. PUBG Corporation announced PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS Continental Series 1 and 2 after the May PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Continental Series Charity Showdown.

July June July June 25 – July 5 (PCS 1 European Grand Finals, June 27-8 and July 4-5): The Grand Finals will host 16 teams at an intense pace of 4 days over a two-week period. Five matches will be played each day in Erangel and Miramar, with teams struggling to get their share of each region’s event’s $ 200,000 prize pool.

■ Special items: 25% of the revenue from special items to be sold in the game will be distributed to professional teams in the four regions. (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Asia)

■ Pick’em Challenge: PCS 1 and 2 also bring pick’em challenges, where PC and console players predict which team will win in which region. If a prediction is correct, PUBG players get a chance to win the champion-level digital inventory as well. PC gamers can participate in the pick’em challenge from June 17 to July 2, while console gamers can participate in the pick’em challenge from June 23 to July 2.

■ PCS 1 European group stage will be the stage from June 9-14, when the region’s 24 talented teams will struggle to take part in the Grand Finals. The matches will be held daily at 19:00 and will be broadcast on the YouTube channel via PUBG Twitch. For more information, visit the official PCS Europe site.

Featured Update

As well as all this PUBG Esports news, many innovations will also be featured in the game with Update 7.3. Update 7.3 includes improvements that will improve PUBG and make a difference, and innovations that will improve overall quality.

■ Espor tab: you can join the latest version of pick’em challenge by clicking on the espor tab in the game.

■ Explosive updates: players will now face more reality-bearing vehicle damage and a number of changes to C4s. This explosive can now be launched, causing damage within a 25-metre radius. The battlefield is now less secure as players can launch C4.

■ Vehicle updates: vehicles reaching 0 HP will no longer explode immediately with the damage received in the C4 and Red Field mentioned above. Instead, all four-wheeled vehicles that reach 0 HP (there will be no change to Boots and motorcycles) will be provided with a time interval of several seconds to escape, and once the engine stops, the vehicle will explode.

These updates and more will come on June 17 for PC gamers and June 23 for console gamers. For those who want to experience changes in the game as soon as possible, the PC test server opens on June 10.

What is PUBG Mobile UC, what is done?

What is Pubg mobile uc ? PUBG Mobile, the “Battle Royale” game developed by Tencent for free for Android and IOS platforms, proves its mass density in E-sports, with more interest than the PC version. In PUBG Mobile, players start the game equally and struggle to survive until the end of the game with the items they collect (loot). Some fight by pushing and some by fighting.

During the game, we said everyone is equal, but with UC (Unknown Cash), another currency other than Pubg Mobile Silver, players have access to new season-specific modes, new levels of competition and new item skins, while adding aesthetics to items such as clothes, parachutes and weapons. Especially if you want to give fear to your enemy, these skins are for you!

How many UC should I get at least at PUBG Mobile?

If you want to buy UC at PUBG Mobile, we recommend waiting for the new season. At the start of the new season, Royle Pass tickets ranging from 600 to 700 UC can be purchased and instantly earn an average of 4,000 UC worth of gifts and access to tasks that provide easier and higher reward. Therefore, it makes sense for entry – level players to get the average price between 50 and 60 TL from the UCS.

Elite Pass Plus is located outside Royale Pass and offers discounts on items sold through UC, but it is possible to take advantage of privileges such as faster rank jumping, access to more intimidating and aesthetic items.

What Is Pubg? What Is Pubg Lite?

As our changing and evolving world has changed, computers, consoles and mobile games have managed to gain more people’s attention. In addition to people who are addicted to games, even those who try to play games out of curiosity can become addicted to the game they play after a while. War, intelligence, strategy games etc. then the range of games has expanded so much that games that appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life have been produced. When you think about how stressful life is for people, these games actually play a very important role in people’s discharge.

If you’re a person who likes to play games, you don’t understand how time passes when you’re playing. This removes you from your daily worries and troubles.

What Is Pubg?

While we’re used to playing the games we already have, pubg has fallen into the middle of our lives like a bomb! He made his name so public, what is pubg now? he looked for the answer to his question. Imagine a game that requires both strategy and intelligence.

It measures your survival skills and connects you more to the game with the excitement of being in real time. Here pubg is exactly a game that adventure lovers will be passionate about. Moreover, you can play this game easily from your computer, from your game console and from your mobile device. This online game is seen as an e sports game. In large arenas, teams fight for the championship. And you move to make your mark in this game Arena.

If You Say It’s My Job To Strategize

Not every game appeals to every person. Some like to play card games, while others like to play Intelligence games. So what’s the pubg game? we’ll answer his question for you. Pubg is primarily a great strategy game. Not only that, it makes you feel like you’re in a real war. Imagine 100 people being put on a plane and given nothing, including clothes, to them. You only have a parachute to jump out of a plane.

You can play this game alone, or with your group of friends, or with automatic pairing, and it also provides in-group conversation. Decide where to get off the plane by looking at the map and you jump off the plane. The moment your feet hit the ground, the excitement begins in the game. As soon as you get off the plane, you need to run, find yourself clothes, weapons and, if possible, a car or a motor. Because pubg is literally a survival game.

How To Play Pubg?

After you have determined the area you want to land on the map, jump out of the plane as a team or as a single. Open your parachute near your destination and make a nice landing. After landing on the ground, enter the surrounding structures and begin collecting weapons quickly and carefully. And don’t forget to buy the weapons attachments. For helmets and waistcoats, always use a high level and healthy helmet.

After you have prepared your equipment to eliminate the other players, proceed to the safe zone within the game. Try not to get ambushed and be very careful. Poison gas will shrink the map at regular intervals. Long stay in the gas results in death. At the end of the game, what’s more important than shooting a lot of guys is that you complete the game in life. Your goal is to survive by not hitting many men. Acting as a group will keep you afloat in major conflicts. This is the same for all players. It’s hard to keep going as a player if you’re in the game in a group.

What Is Pubg Lite?

Pubg is a game that takes up a lot of space on computers , consoles or mobile devices. Because the game itself is so comprehensive. An application played Online, with various modes, maps, online chat with your team and many more features, could not have been expected to take up a low space anyway.

Because of this very space-saving situation, pc or mobile phone users with lower operating system could not download the game at all or, even if they did, could not enjoy the game. Noticing this, pubg developers got their hands on the situation and launched pubg Lite. They did, but there are still people who don’t know what pubg lite is but enjoy playing pubg.

With the simplest explanation, pubg lite is a new version with lower visual features. So you can continue to enjoy the game, even if your devices have a low operating version. Pubg lite is an app that appeals to every gamer.The picture you have seen belongs to PUBG Lite, the new version of PUBG. As you can see, the quality of the game is not a situation that will spoil your enjoyment. Even the lite version is more suited to each device, so you can continue playing with even more enjoyment.

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